Virginian Pilot

“She has never held elected office, but she seems to have a good sense of the district’s concerns, particularly when it comes to health care, the protection of social safety net programs, and the needs of veterans.
…And her insistence on improving the way Washington works — improving the process by which Congress governs — is an issue with particular resonance in a place that depends so much on federal budgeting and spending.
…Taylor’s involvement in the cynical effort to place Brown on the ballot, his inability to account fully for the behavior of his staff and his lack of understanding of how his decisions raise legitimate questions about judgment and trust is a disqualifying offense.
Voters can be confident that by replacing him with Luria, they will be in good hands for the next two years.”

Elected Officials

“I’m proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress because her record of service in the Navy and her experience as a small business owner will enable her to be a powerful and effective advocate in Congress for the families of Hampton Roads,”

Vice President Joe Biden

“From commanding sailors in the Navy to starting a successful family business, Elaine Luria is best qualified to serve HamptonRoads,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “I’m thrilled she is running to represent my home town and I know that she has the tenacity, honor, and experience to deliver results for Southeast Virginia families.”

Governor Ralph Northam

“Elaine has the integrity we need to send to Washington,” said Justin Fairfax. “She will vote for the values important to Hampton Roads and be a strong advocate for civil rights, economic equality, and ensuring equal access to opportunity for every Virginian.”

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax

“I am proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. As a 20-year Commander in the Navy, a successful small business owner, and a pillar of her community, I am confident she has the necessary skills and experience to face down the chaos in Congress and make a difference for coastal Virginia.”

Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04)

“I am proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress. Her leadership in the Navy and experience as a small business owner will serve Hampton Roads well in Congress. I know she will be a strong advocate to expand access to health care, ensure access to a quality education, protect and conserve the Chesapeake Bay and our coastlines, and deliver a better deal for all Virginians.”

Congressman Bobby Scott (VA CD-03)

“As a public servant, husband, father and grandfather, I am proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress, because I know she will fight for the families of Hampton Roads.”

Delegate Joe Lindsey (VA HD-90)

“I am proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. As an elected official for over 30 years, I have met few candidates with the qualifications and background of Elaine Luria. Elaine’s professionalism and attention to detail makes her the perfect candidate for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Elaine will fight for families, expand access to affordable healthcare, and bring jobs to Hampton Roads.”

State Senator Lionell Spruill (VA SD-05)

“Elaine Luria is uniquely qualified to represent the 2nd Congressional District. A Naval Academy graduate who rose to command in the Navy and retired with a sterling career to her name, Elaine is now a successful small business owner. With a background as a respected Naval officer, a capable entrepreneur as well as a mother and involved community leader, it is my humble opinion that Elaine is the best candidate to win back this seat in November and ensure those of us who live in the 2nd CD have a congressional representative who puts the needs of our district above all else for years to come. As a lifelong resident and elected state representative in the 2nd Congressional District on the Eastern Shore, I am proud to offer my full support for Elaine Luria in her efforts to represent us in Congress.”

Senator Lynwood W. Lewis (SD-06)

President Barack Obama
Senator Mamie Locke
Delegate Jeion Ward
Delegate Steve Heretick (HD-79)
Delegate Mike Mullin (HD-93)
Mayor Kenny Alexander, Mayor of Norfolk City
Councilmember Mamie B. Johnson, Norfolk City Council (Ward 3)
Commonwealth’s Attorney Anton Bell, Hampton City Commonwealth’s Attorney
Phil Kellam, Virginia Beach Commissioner of Revenue
Ross Mugler, 
Hampton Commissioner of Revenue
Sheriff Joe Baron, Norfolk City Sheriff
Councilmember Dr. Ella Ward, City of Chesapeake City Council

“Elaine’s experience as a civic league president, small business owner, and veteran make her uniquely qualified to represent her constituents in Washington. I have enjoyed working with her not only as an elected official but also in the many philanthropic efforts she supports.”

Norfolk City Councilmember Martin Thomas


EMILY’s List, dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic Women
Virginia Beach African American Political Action Council, encourages political activism and education in the African American community and other communities of color
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, dedicated to electing environmental champions
End Citizens United, campaign finance reform
VoteVets, working to elect more progressive veterans
Virginia AFL-CIO, advocates for working families throughout Virginia
Social Security Works PAC, advocates for strengthening Social Security for this generation and the next
SEIU Virginia 512, advocates for home care providers in Hampton Roads
314 Action Fund, fighting for more STEM candidates in Congress
Planned Parenthood Action Fund, advocacy for comprehensive reproductive healthcare
NARAL Pro-Choice America, protecting a women’s right to choose
Black Economic Alliance, advocating for economic equality
Giffords PAC, advocating for gun safety candidates
Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, promoting sensible gun policy while championing LGBTQ safety and equality
Humane Society Legislative Fund, promoting animal welfare
International Union of Operating Engineers, labor union
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, labor union
National Women’s Political Caucus, supporting pro-choice women for elected office
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Pride Fund to End Gun Violence,
America’s only LGBTQ organization solely focused on gun policy reform to ensure safety for all
Teamsters Local 822, 
labor union
National Organization for Women’s Political Action Committee, equality advocacy organization
Asian American Democratic Club
Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia (DAAV)
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
National Association of Social Workers-Political Action for Candidate Election

Community Leaders

“As a native of Virginia Beach, military retiree, and proud Democrat who’s devoted much of the last five years to turning my hometown Blue, I’m thrilled to support Elaine’s bid for Congress. Her leadership, lifetime of public service, and command experience are precisely what the Second District needs in its representative.”

Dave Belote, Former Chair of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee

Dr. Veronica R. Coleman, Faith Community Leader
Hon. Bob Jones
, Former Mayor of Virginia Beach
Gary McCollum, Faith Community Leader
Laurel and Sarah Quarberg, Equality Advocates
Beth Ray, Indivisible 757 Activist
Ramin Fatehi, Attorney
Drew Ungvarsky, Digital Innovator

“I’m endorsing Elaine Luria for Congress because I believe she will be an articulate and forceful voice in Congress for everyone in our district. Elaine has a proven track record of public service as a Navy veteran and knows well the challenges facing service members and military families here in our community. She is a working mother and successful owner of a small business which manufactures products locally and gives back to our community. Elaine is dedicated to putting first the needs of the families living in our district and we would be fortunate to have her as our Representative.”

Tom Van Tiem, U.S. Department of Labor, Retired

“I see Elaine Luria as the ideal candidate to win this election because of her in-depth knowledge of our military’s needs and understanding of the complexities of running a small business. Her support for commonsense gun safety measures and advocacy for women’s rights and health care reflect the values we need representing Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.”

Kay Ashby, Mental Health Advocate

“I am proud to endorse Elaine Luria for Congress. She is a U.S. Naval Academy Graduate with twenty years of active duty experience that has prepared her to continue her commitment to serve as our Representative for the second district. Elaine’s proven leadership makes her extremely qualified to ask for our vote. She has mine.”

Pearl Smith, Virginia Beach Civic Leader



“I endorse Elaine Luria for Congress because I trust her to advocate for access to high-quality educational opportunities here in Hampton Roads. She’ll work hard to find solutions to the rising cost of college tuition that prevents too many people from achieving their American Dream.”

Old Dominion University Professor Erika Marsillac

Prof. Sylvain Marsillac, Old Dominion University, Electrical & Computer Dept.
Sheri Bishop, Educator


“Having served in the Navy with Commander Luria, I trust her to make levelheaded and compassionate decisions on behalf of the people of Virginia’s 2nd District. As our XO, Elaine was the highest-ranking woman on board and she took seriously the responsibility of creating an environment where every Sailor could thrive and work together to accomplish the mission at hand.”

Arielle Griffin, U.S. Navy

Christian Magnin, U.S. Navy
Teddy Smith, U.S. Navy
Charles Stuppard, U.S. Navy

“Service for the good of the people is not something one can learn. It is a calling. For 20 years Elaine Luria answered that call in the U. S. Navy. Elaine will be a staunch supporter and serve the people of Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. She will not vote against our best interests. Elaine will engage the people of the district, not hide and only appear for fundraisers and in front of friendly crowds. She has the character we need in Washington. Her naval career and experience will serve her well as she interacts with members of her own caucus and those on the other side of the aisle. She is a proven problem solver who understands today’s issues: the role of public education, women’s rights, LGBT rights, the need for appropriate gun legislation, stewardship of our natural resources, the impact of climate change, the significance of the military in our area, and much more. For these reasons and more I support Elaine Luria for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.”

Susan Hippen, U.S. Navy

Marcus Friedman, U.S. Navy
Shane Morton, U.S. Navy
Ronald Bonheur, Virginia Army National Guard
Crystal Clarke, Marine Corps

“As a Marine, I know good leadership when I see it and that’s why I support fellow veteran, Elaine Luria.”

David Ashe, U.S. Marine

Healthcare Providers

Dr. Thomas McCune, Nephrologist
Dr. Ingrid Loma-Miller, Neurologist
Dr. Holly Puritz, Doctor
Dr. Edward Weisberg, Dentist

“I met Elaine almost two years ago and after we quickly moved past formal conversation we were in deep discussion about local civic engagement with neighborhood schools. Elaine and I continue to have conversations about quality health care and coverage, access to competitive schools and training the workforce of tomorrow – topics that many in Hampton Roads have at the dinner table when making decisions about their family. I respect Elaine for her honorable service to our country as a US Navy commander- a sacrifice many of our military connected families can relate to. I know Elaine will listen to and engage with her constituents in order to work on their behalf for better opportunities on the issues that impact them and how they are pursuing their own version of “The American Dream.”.”

Dr. Noelle Gabriel

Small Business Owners

“Elaine Luria is my choice to represent Virginia’s 2nd congressional district because her Navy career, small business experience, and leadership skills make her well-suited to represent this district. As a fellow small business owner, I have tremendous respect for Elaine’s success in starting and expanding her business and helping the local economy through job growth. Her understanding of the needs to focus on education, infrastructure, and health care is important to me. Elaine supports all Americans to help them be the best they can be, including the LGBTQ community, people with mental disabilities, and people of varied ethnic backgrounds, and appreciates that they are all part of an inclusive society and the fabric that makes our nation strong and vibrant. Elaine Luria will help move our Nation in the right direction and she has my vote.”

Claus Ihlemann, Small Business Owner

“For the tough decisions that Congress will face in the coming years– from international relations to military funding, I am convinced that Elaine Luria is the right person to represent the Second Congressional District. Her leadership experience in the Navy, business experience since leaving the Navy, and her role as a mother will help her to represent us well.”

Jody Wagner, Small Business Owner

Charlie Nusbaum
Ann Hupp
Jen Henderson

James & Tanya Prosser
Bill Nusbaum
Robyn Thomas
Chris Glover

“As a fellow small business owner, I firmly believe that Elaine Luria is the most qualified candidate to take on Scott Taylor and represents the best interests of the district. Our region relies on small businesses like mine, so her voice is one we need representing the people of coastal Virginia.”

Michael Millard-Lowe, Small Business Owner