Virginia lawmakers praise passage of $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill - Elaine for Congress

Virginia lawmakers praise passage of $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill

Several Virginia officials voiced their praise after Congress gave the final approval Wednesday to a landmark $1.9-trillion COVID-19 relief bill that will send $1,400 direct payments to most Americans.

Congressman Bobby Scott and Congresswoman Elaine Luria, both Democrats from Virginia, tell 10 On Your Side the American Rescue Plan will help fight the coronavirus, keep schools open and help mend some of the economic fallout.

“It’s just a good day for America,” Scott said.

He said about 80% of Americans will be getting stimulus checks after President Joe Biden signs the plan on Friday.

“The $1,400 checks should be in the mail within about three weeks,” Scott said.

The stimulus package includes money for families, housing, education and small businesses. Luria said its funding will help the travel and tourism industry in Hampton Roads.

“This has more funds for [the Paycheck Protection Program] but it also has another piece of legislation wrapped into it called the Restaurant Act which really helps provide some additional funding to restaurants and entertainment venues, so we really hope this will be a boost just at the right time,” Luria said.

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