Scott Taylor’s Election Fraud Reaches Major Milestone - Elaine for Congress

Scott Taylor’s Election Fraud Reaches Major Milestone

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – The Elaine for Congress campaign released the following statement:

Today is the 731st day since the discovery of election fraud conducted by Scott Taylor’s campaign. Scott Taylor has now been under investigation longer than he served in Congress,” said Campaign Manager Veronica Ingham.

Following the conviction of a Scott Taylor staffer earlier this year, the special prosecutor stated that the investigation into Taylor’s 2018 campaign is still ongoing and that Scott Taylor’s claims of total exoneration are premature. Going as far as saying certain actors are not cooperating with his investigation, the special prosecutor has even indicted yet another staffer, who is scheduled for trial on September 24. 

“Between the lack of cooperation with the special prosecutor’s investigation and another indicted staffer’s trial scheduled for this fall, there is no end in sight to resolving the biggest election fraud scandal in Virginia’s history. Scott Taylor needs to answer for his coverup,” concluded Ingham.