Luria visits the Eastern Shore - Elaine for Congress

Luria visits the Eastern Shore

Congresswoman Elaine Luria came to the Eastern Shore Wednesday. Luria visited the Food Bank. in Tasley.  In attendance were Foodbank Manager Charmin Horton, Superintendents Eddie Lawrence from Northampton and Chris Holland and Dr.Rhonda Hall from the Accomack County School system,  Andre Elliott from the YMCA, and  Dr. James Scheffer of Eastern Shore Community College.  Luria briefed the group on federal legislation that’s working its way through Congress that will provide relief for working parents, to medical providers and even individual tax payers…. In the afternoon, Luria met with the medical community at Eastern Shore Rural Health and Riverside.  Luria also met with the Eastern Shore Area on Aging group to discuss ways that group can obtain help in serving seniors, the most vulnerable during this pandemic.

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