Luria looks to help military with lower prescription costs - Elaine for Congress

Luria looks to help military with lower prescription costs

Congresswoman Elaine Luria (D-Va. 02) has authored the “Help our Heroes Access Medicine Act.” The bill would reduce prescription drug co-pays during the coronavirus outbreak.

Right now under Tricare, it’s cheaper to get medication in person at a military pharmacy than it is to get it sent it to your home by mail. This legislation would temporarily waive Tricare copays.

Thirteen veterans service organizations back the idea.

“Passing this bill will not only benefit applicable veterans, their families, and those eligible here in Tidewater and across the Commonwealth of Virginia, but across the country at large,” said Jill Lynch with Veterans of Foreign Wars. “So we thank you whole-heartedly for your support on this and we look forward to having this bill get passed.”

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