Preventing Gun Violence

Like too many moms, I worry before I send my daughter to school whether she will come home safe and as a Navy veteran I know the destruction these weapons are manufactured to cause. The role of government must be to prioritize public safety and I believe Congress and state legislatures must place a great value on protecting the rights of children to be safe in their schools, for neighbors to be safe in their places of worship, and for families to be safe in movie theaters, concert venues, malls, and night clubs. It is shameful that Congress and many states have failed to act despite countless tragedies. Here in Virginia, we saw what happens when we ignore the warning signs and fail to act on preventing gun violence. While we will still mourn every April, Republicans in our state legislature continue to block every meaningful piece of reform and Congress refuses to act as well. Our students, families, and communities deserve better.

That is why my approach to reducing preventable gun violence in our communities is to prioritize public safety and keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, like domestic abusers, terrorists, the mentally ill, and violent criminals. In the Navy, I swore to uphold our Constitution and I am confident we can protect our communities from preventable gun violence while preserving law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. That’s why I support repealing the Dickey Amendment so that the CDC can research solutions regarding gun violence, passing universal background checks on all gun purchases, banning bump stocks, prohibiting the sale of assault weapons, and implementing a federal “No Fly, No Buy” policy. I do not believe arming teachers in classrooms is an appropriate response and I have called on my Republican opponent to join me in rejecting campaign donations from the gun lobby.