Congresswoman Luria visits Hampton VA Hospital - Elaine for Congress

Congresswoman Luria visits Hampton VA Hospital

Congresswoman Elaine Luria visited the VA Hospital in Hampton Thursday to see what the VA needs from Congress to handle a possible increase in cases of COVID-19… “What I saw here today is that the VA is definitely planning and working through what their response would be and how they can scale based off the number of cases,” said Congresswoman Luria… Luria says Congress is working to do everything they can to help. 

“Everyone working together in a non-partisan way to get help to the American people and I think if people are listening, just know that your government is working for you to do everything we can in an unprecedented situation,” she said.

The congresswoman will visit the Portsmouth Naval Hospital Friday.  She said they’re preparing to send their medical personal to staff the USNS Comfort, the Navy’s hospital ship, which is currently preparing to deploy to help the outbreak in New York City. 

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