Congresswoman Luria fighting to lower the cost of Insulin - Elaine for Congress

Congresswoman Luria fighting to lower the cost of Insulin

Congresswoman Elaine Luria announced her support for the Insulin Price Reduction Act (H.R. 4906) on Sunday.

The bill would help reduce drug costs, more specifically, for diabetics who need insulin.

“The Insulin Price Reduction Act is a necessary step to provide support to Coastal Virginians with pre-existing health conditions who require insulin to lead healthy and productive lives,” said Luria.

The Insulin Price Reduction Act would push insulin manufacturers to lower the current listed price of insulin products.

This takes the current price of $300 a vial and brings it to the 2006 price — which was approximately $68 a vial.

Under the act, drug makers would be prohibited from having to offer additional rebates to insurers in order to have their products covered, according to a statement released from Luria.

The bill is supported by the American Diabetes Association, which advocates for the 7.4 million Americans who consider insulin to be a life-sustaining medication for which there is no substitute.

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