Arcadia conducts virtual town hall Q&A with Congresswoman Luria - Elaine for Congress

Arcadia conducts virtual town hall Q&A with Congresswoman Luria

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Congresswoman Elaine Luria joined Arcadia High School students and staff for a 30 minute virtual Town Hall Question and Answer session.

After a brief introduction by Arcadia High School History Teacher, Mr. Nathan Harned, Congresswoman Luria provided the audience with an overview of her position as a U.S. Representative before moving into the Q&A session. Seven students, and one faculty member, were able to ask questions of the congresswoman on a wide range of topics from 2nd Amendment Rights, to universal healthcare, accessibility to high speed internet in rural communities, global warming, the cost of college, energy, and racial discrimination in the United States.

When asked about her proudest accomplishment since being elected to Congress, Congresswoman Luria shared that seeing the Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act signed into law was her proudest accomplishment. This Act reversed the 2017 tax bill that had increased taxes for Gold Star Families, families that lost a loved one in combat. The Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act was supported by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

Arcadia High School would like to thank Congresswoman Luria for taking the time to meet with the students and staff of Arcadia High School, as well as thank Mr. Nathan Harned for organizing and coordinating this event.

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