FACT-CHECK: Congressman Scott Taylor Not Telling the Truth About His Record on Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

~ Taylor’s claim that he voted “to protect people with pre-existing conditions” is a lie ~

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — With his two latest ads, Congressman Scott Taylor has joined the ranks of Republican incumbents desperately trying to rewrite history about their unpopular votes undermining protections for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. These misleading tactics have led to scathing fact checks on GOP incumbents around the country, including Virginia’s Dave Brat. Now, it is Scott Taylor’s turn.

Pointing to members of his own family with pre-existing conditions, as well as the deceased mothers of the supporters featured in his ad, Taylor writes on Facebook:

“The truth is, Congressman Taylor stood up to the insurance companies and protected peope [sic] with pre-existing conditions, including the ones in his own family. Reject Luria’s gutter campaign and politics and vote Scott Taylor Nov. 6th.”

These claims are simply not true. Here’s why:

The facts on Scott Taylor’s Record:

  1. Scott Taylor voted for the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), which would allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions by charging them higher premiums.

  2. Scott Taylor is on the record tying his vote for the AHCA to the President Trump’s promise that he and his allies would support the re-election campaign of Taylor and other at-risk incumbents.

  • The Trump Administration held up its end of the bargain, with Vice-President Pence’s recent campaign visit to bolster Taylor’s re-election campaign.

  1. Scott Taylor is not telling the truth about his voting record and is running ads intentionally deceiving his constituents about his voting record on pre-existing conditions.

Breaking down the ads:

Ad #1    | Ad #2

  • Claim #1: “Scott [Taylor] stood up to the insurance companies.”

  • Fact: Scott Taylor has accepted at least $62,000 in donations from healthcare and insurance PACs.

    • Elaine Luria has not accepted a dollar from any corporate PAC.

  • Claim #2:  “[Scott Taylor] voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions,” citing his vote for the American Healthcare Act (AHCA).

  • Taylor repeats this false claim in another ad, in which he looks directly into the camera and lies to his constituents, saying: “I voted…to protect people with pre-existing conditions.”


  • Fact: The American Healthcare Act, House Republicans’ first attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act under the Trump Administration would have allowed insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing medical conditions “significantly more” than they charge people without pre-existing conditions.

  • As the Virginian-Pilot’s Bill Bartel put it, “The bill would have kept intact a requirement that insurers cover those with pre-existing conditions, but it would have weakened protections for them and allowed them to be charged higher premiums.”

  • President Trump and Republican incumbents like Taylor have attempted to claim that — because the AHCA would only allow insurers to charge unaffordable premiums based on pre-existing conditions but not deny coverage — that somehow this vote qualifies as “protecting” pre-existing conditions.

  • The Washington Post fact-checker called this claim, which Taylor is now repeating, “misleading.” Politifact found that the AHCA “would weaken protections” for people with pre-existing conditions.  In fact, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that this “protection” could harm up to one-sixth of the entire U.S. population.

  • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 72% of Americans oppose letting insurance companies charge sick people more for their healthcare based on a pre-existing condition.

Luria Campaign’s reaction to Taylor’s deceptive ads:

Attributable to Kathryn Sorenson, Campaign Manager:

“The truth is, Congressman Taylor voted to let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions,” Sorenson said. “Congressman Taylor’s latest attempts to rewrite history about his voting record on healthcare are simply not true, and they raise even more questions about his integrity. Coastal Virginia deserves a member of Congress who will actually protect healthcare for people with pre-existing medical conditions and tell the truth about it. “

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