FACT CHECK: Scott Taylor Plans to Cut Social Security and Medicare

October 23, 2018

Virginia Beach, VA –. During today’s debate, Scott Taylor continued to dodge questions and lie about Medicare and Social Security. Taylor continues to peddle the GOP line that earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are “the real driver of debt” when they just voted to add $1.9 trillion to the debt for their tax giveaway to the wealthiest and large corporations. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his plan to cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for the growing deficit caused by last year’s GOP Tax Plan, the exact same plan that Representative Scott Taylor championed at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.


November 2016: Upon Winning Congressional Seat, Taylor Claimed That He Was Already Writing Legislation To Raise The Social Security Age By Three Years. “Republican state Del. Scott Taylor won Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat, outdoing Democratic community activist Shaun Brown to join the House of Representatives. […] Afterward, he old reporters he’s already drafting legislation to raise the age to qualify for government entitlements such as Social Security by three years for individuals currently younger than 41, and he plans to look at mandated budget cuts called sequestration.” [Virginian-Pilot, 11/8/16]

Taylor Promised That His Constituents Could “Expect [Him] To Look At Entitlement Reform And Raising The Age.” “[Taylor] said 2nd District voters can expect him to leap into that and a couple of other signature issues right off the bat. ‘They can expect me to look at entitlement reform and raising the age,’ Taylor said.” [Daily Press, 11/8/16]

Taylor On Social Security And Medicare: “We Need To Raise The [Retirement] Age.” “Scott Taylor, a former U.S. Navy SEAL and now real estate investor, has represented Virginia Beach’s 85th District in the Virginia House of Delegates since 2014. Taylor has taken aim at so-called entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, saying he’d push Congress to take a good hard look at them. ‘Obviously entitlements are the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about,’ Taylor said. ‘I believe my generation, 40 and under, will have to step up to the plate to reform entitlements to say, ‘Look, we’re living longer, we have more time, we need to raise the (retirement) age up three years.’” [Daily Press, 11/6/16]

February 2017: Taylor Said He Wanted To Raise The Minimum Retirement Age For Social Security For Younger Generations. “To free up more defense funds, Taylor said he and other Republicans want to reduce spending on some government assistance, such as food stamps, and potentially cut outdated military programs. Looking more broadly, Taylor said he also supports raising the minimum age for Social Security benefits for younger generations in order to keep the program solvent.” [Washington Times, 2/12/17]

The Republican tax bill is projected to add $1.9 trillion to the debt, and just last week CBO projected that the federal deficit is going to clear $799 billion due to the tax bill this year, and is expected to top $1 trillion in 2019.

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