Elaine Luria Launches Her Latest TV Ad, “Mess”

October 19, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — Today, Elaine Luria released her seventh TV ad of the general election, “Mess.” The ad features two Virginia voters who are fed up with Rep. Scott Taylor’s record. “Mess” highlights Taylor’s votes to gut healthcare protections for people with pre-existing conditions and to charge older Americans five times more for essential medications and procedures, which the AARP called an “Age Tax.”

Additionally, the ad hits Rep. Taylor on his vote for the Republican Tax Bill, which gave large tax breaks to corporations, many of which are his campaign donors. “Mess” also touches on Rep. Scott Taylor’s recent election fraud. The full ad can be viewed here:

“These neighbors have it right, Rep. Scott Taylor promised to be an independent voice in Washington, but instead he has voted along party lines almost 98% of the time and attacked affordable health care,” said Elaine Luria. “Rep. Taylor puts the special interests that fund his campaign over the interests of Virginia families and his own re-election above all else. Virginians deserve someone who will fight for us in Washington.”

The 30-second ad will run for several weeks on local stations.

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