Elaine Luria Proves She is the True Environmental Champion at Chesapeake Bay Foundation Forum

October 16, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — Elaine Luria strongly defended a host of environmental causes and federal, state, and local efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay at a forum last night where both candidates appeared. Luria laid out how she would fight for clean water and air initiatives in Congress and exposed Rep. Scott Taylor’s weak voting record on the environment.

“Our health, our economy, our security in this region will depend on our ability to achieve cleaner water and air, protect our natural resources, and fight climate change,” said Luria. “In Congress, I would provide unwavering and genuine support to the environmental issues facing our region, unlike my opponent, who provides only lip service to environmental issues and votes the wrong way when he thinks no one is looking.”

Luria specifically drew a contrast with Taylor’s votes to repeal the Clean Water Rule and rollback EPA protections against pesticides in our waters. Because of her strong environmental platform, including opposition to offshore drilling and defense of clean water initiatives, Luria has received endorsements from leading environmental groups including the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter and the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund. Her opponent, Taylor, received a 6% on the LCV environmental scorecard.

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