Setting the Record Straight on Rep. Scott Taylor’s Vote to Weaken Protections for Virginians with Pre-existing Conditions

October 15, 2018

It is not surprising that after being called out for voting to gut critical protections for Virginians with pre-existing health conditions, Rep. Scott Taylor is trying to rewrite his own voting record.

Independent experts, the Congressional Budget Office, and patient groups agreed at the time that the AHCA repeal bill would have gutted protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions by again allowing insurance companies to discriminate and charge them more. It would have also left tens of thousands of Rep. Taylor’s constituents without health care coverage and allowed insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five times more for their coverage, which the AARP called an “age tax.”

“There’s absolutely no question this bill would have threatened affordable health care for all Virginians, but especially those with pre-existing conditions, and voters have a right to know that their Congressman voted along party line instead of in the best interests of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Kathryn Sorenson, Luria’s campaign manager. “Our campaign ad puts a name and face to how Rep. Scott Taylor’s votes impact real families in Coastal Virginia.”

In a new ad by Elaine Luria, Norfolk resident Anna Davis tells the story of her mother’s ovarian cancer diagnosis and survival. Although she survived the cancer, Theresa Davis is now seen as high-risk by insurance companies. Other pre-existing conditions include diabetes, asthma and pregnancy, which is why this topic is so important to voters across the 2nd District, and Elaine has made it a key policy priority for her campaign.

Here are the facts:

· Congressional Budget Office: “However, over time, less healthy individuals (including those with preexisting or newly acquired medical conditions) would be unable to purchase comprehensive coverage with premiums close to those under current law and might not be able to purchase coverage at all.”

· AARP: “The amendment would also allow insurance companies to return to charging people with preexisting conditions higher rates based on their health status — something that was previously common practice among insurers but prohibited by the ACA.”

· Politifact: “That means if the AHCA passes, it would allow for people with pre-existing conditions to be charged more per year for their insurance coverage – possibly to the tune of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars more per year, some studies have found.”

· American Cancer Society: “This amendment is particularly egregious because it would further incent states to apply for waivers from current law market rules that protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

· Rep. Taylor also voted for the GOP Tax Scam, which their party is now using as their justification for the lawsuit that would end protections for American with pre-existing conditions.

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