Elaine Luria Launches New Ad Condemning Rep. Scott Taylor’s Failing Record on Protecting People with Pre-Existing Conditions

October 9, 2018

In a new ad release by Elaine Luria’s campaign, Anna Davis recounts her mother’s life-altering cancer diagnosis and condemns Rep. Scott Taylor’s vote to gut protections for Virginians with pre-existing conditions, like asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

“Congress needs to protect our families when diagnosed with major illnesses because everyone should be able to afford to see a doctor when they’re sick,” said Elaine Luria. “What happened to Theresa Davis impacted her entire family and Rep. Taylor’s vote to gut protections for Virginians with pre-existing conditions threatens the health and financial security of so many families in our community. I want to ensure people like Theresa have more healthcare options, not less,” continued Luria.

Luria supports expanding affordable, accessible health care options, including a public option. The legislation referenced in the ad is H.R. 1628. According to the CBO, under the GOP bill, people who are less healthy would not be able to purchase “comprehensive nongroup health insurance at premiums comparable to those under current law, if they could purchase it at all.” PolitiFact also reported that the GOP proposal weakens existing protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

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