“Do Good Work for Everyone’s Family”: Elaine Luria Launches Third TV Ad With Help From Daughter, Violette

September 7, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Today, voters in the 2nd Congressional District will hear from the daughter of Elaine Luria in a new television spot. “Tell You” is narrated by nine-year-old Violette Blondin and highlights her mother’s 20-year career in the Navy, as well as her experience turning an idea and a block of clay into a thriving small business, Mermaid Factory. The full ad can be found here.

“I’m running for Congress so that our children will have a brighter future and so that all our daughters will know that they can grow up to be and do whatever they dream. I want to ‘do good work’ for the families of Hampton Roads, by expanding access to affordable health care, growing our regional economy, and protecting our environment to strengthen the legacy we will leave for Violette’s generation,” said Elaine Luria.

The 30-second ad will run for several weeks on local stations.

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