League of Conservation Voters Action Fund Endorses Elaine Luria for Congress

June 28, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH – Today, Elaine Luria’s campaign for Congress announced the endorsement of League of Conservation Voters Action Fund. LCV Action Fund is a political action committee that works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental laws and policies and defeat those who stand in the way of progress.

“LCV Action Fund is thrilled to endorse Elaine Luria because we know she will be a staunch defender of Virginia’s environment,” said LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld. “She is committed to working towards smart solutions to sea level rise, and she will stand up to the Trump administration’s attempts to open Virginia’s coast to dangerous offshore drilling.”


“I’m proud to be endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund because they share my commitment to protecting the Chesapeake Bay, banning offshore drilling, and investing in renewable energy,” said Elaine Luria. “As a Navy veteran and small business owner, I know firsthand how important it is to our regional economy and our military readiness to prevent offshore drilling off Virginia’s coasts, and I look forward to working with LCV Action Fund to ensure our coastal district has a voice in Congress who will be a strong advocate for our environment.”

Elaine Luria’s Republican opponent, Congressman Scott Taylor, recently voted against an amendment that would have prevented offshore drilling off the coastlines of his district. He has an LCV National Environmental Scorecard of 6%, demonstrating an abysmal track record on environmental issues. Congressman Taylor voted to repeal the Clean Water Rule, voted in support of drilling in the Arctic Refuge, and voted to keep secret from his constituents the industrial pesticides discharged into our waters. Congressman Taylor’s campaign has received over $38,000 from oil and gas companies and their executives.

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