End Citizens United Endorses Elaine Luria for Congress

April 13, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH – Today, Elaine Luria announced that her campaign for Congress has been endorsed by End Citizens United, a grassroots advocacy group that is leading the charge for campaign finance reform. Elaine has pledged to reject corporate PAC donations to her campaign.

“Elaine Luria is a principled and committed leader who has served her country in uniform for 20 years. She knows that too many families in Virginia are being ignored because politicians are in the pocks of Big Money special interests. She’ll fight to get unlimited, undisclosed money out of politics and give a voice to her constituents in Congress,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller.

“Our campaign finance system is broken and as a result politicians are listening to corporations and mega-donors instead of the people they were elected to serve,” said Elaine Luria. “As a naval officer, I took a pledge to put people first and that’s why I am rejecting corporate PAC donations so coastal Virginians will know that I represent them and no one else. We need to increase transparency and accountability in our elections and I’m proud to work alongside End Citizens United to fix the rigged system.”

Elaine Luria’s campaign raised more than $370,000 in the first three months and 80% of contributions to her campaign were $100 or less, demonstrating her strong grassroots support.

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